We’re more than happy to answer all of your SUP questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us.

What is SUP?
Stand Up Paddle boarding, also known as Stand Up Paddle surfing or SUP, is a water sport in which the participant stands, with feet pointed forward and parallel, on a board resembling a surf board. The SUP boards are longer, thicker, and wider than a typical surf board, giving it more volume, buoyancy, and stability. The sport can be enjoyed in the ocean, surfing, or in any calm body of water. The participant also utilizes a lightweight, single-blade paddle to propel, turn, and glide over the surface of the water. 

So, I can do it when I’m a newbie?
Absolutely! The beauty up SUP is that almost anyone can do it. The boards are very stable and the physical exertion is within your control. In fact, many people sit or kneel and paddle for a little while just to get a feel for SUP. About 90% of our visitors have never SUP’d before, let alone held a Stand Up Paddle board. The only prerequisites are that you are able to swim, and ready to explore the amazing waters!

What is the minimum age to participate?
The minimum age to take the courses is 18 years old. 

What does ‘Self Practice’ mean?
It means that you pick up the SUP-gear an go on the water by yourself, without an instructor.  

Do I get any instructions?
If you have never SUP’d before, we will give a short instruction to get you started.

How long will I be on the water?
All of our Self Practice sessions are 60 minutes long.

What’s included?
ALL equipment included: SUP-board, paddle, shoe covers and neoprene vest.

What to bring?
Sun block, extra pair of warm comfortable clothes (especially for early morning sessions), towel, your phone to make some great pics, a bottle of water and great enthusiasm.

What should I wear?
It depends on the weather. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing given the weather conditions on the day of your practice. You should be prepared to get wet as you may fall in. A swimsuit and water shoes usually suffice. Hats, sunglasses and other appropriate items can be worn. We highly recommend that you wear and continuously apply sunscreen throughout the day. 

What can I do with my valuables while I’m on the water? Can I brink a backpack?
We recommend you leave as many valuables as possible at home. For your mobile phone, we provide a waterproof cover you can take with you on the SUP.  Water bottles can be attached on your SUP board. For keys, shoes and bags we provide lockers on location. Please be sure to keep the Amstel clean, so don’t litter.